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Outdoor stairs might be needed to assist a raised patio where a raised transition is required to get to another level. Maybe you have a walkway that needs stairs to lessen the steepness of the walk. You may have a deck or pool deck that needs a set of stairs added to it to make entering and exiting your decks a lot more manageable. Outdoor stairs can be installed wherever a steep area may require easier and safer access. At Landscape Concepts Inc., we can custom design and build you a set of stairs that will make your landscape areas more accessible and a lot safer to get around.

It is very important to plan out your stairs before building surrounding decks or walkways if possible. There are building codes involved, so it is a good idea to hire a professional to take the hassle out of installing stairs for you. There are some basics to stair building that you need to know like rise and run and stair layout. That is where we come into it; we will explain it all to you.


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    Our experienced team here at Landscape Concepts Inc will be able to assist you from the start to finish of your stair project. Our contractors will install a set of stairs that will transform your landscape areas and make everything easy to get to.

    Adding a New Set of Stairs or Steps

    We will help you choose the right type of material for your stairs. If you are building stairs adjacent to a paved area such as walkways and patios, then a material that matches the pavers should be considered. There is a large range of materials on the market today when it comes to risers, treads, and railings. You can use brick treads and risers or perhaps some kind of natural stone product. When it comes to the design of your outdoor stairs or steps the options are endless. Our landscape designers will be able to give some really great design ideas.
    At Landscape Concepts Inc., we understand that the presentation of your landscaped areas is very important to the overall look of your property. That is why we take each and every project seriously for we believe customer satisfaction is the key to our success. No job is too small or too large for our company, and we will work within your budget. So make your landscapes and hardscapes more accessible and preserve the value of your property with the addition of a new set of outdoor stairs or steps!

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