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Retaining walls are an important aspect of any backyard, front yard, or garden. They add a special feature that will set you apart from all your neighbors! These walls are easy to get installed and even easier to maintain. They offer visual attractiveness as well as functionality. The main reasons a retaining wall should be a part of every house is because of its aesthetics, structural support, erosion prevention, flood control, and its extra advantage of adding more space to your yard.

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    We have used Landscape Concepts for 3 large block retaining wall projects as well as some smaller projects in the last 7 years and have found them to be reliable and provide a good quality product at a fair price. They work hard and do the job quickly and are willing to accommodate our specific requests. They also take care to clean up the site and leave things looking good. Obviously we recommend them since we continue to call on them for our landscaping needs.
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    Retaining Walls Look Great

    Retaining walls are seen as bold because they always catch people’s eyes. They are often the focal point of a yard. There are many aspects that go into choosing what kind your yard needs. Many retaining walls differ in height and what they are made out of. We offer various materials, ranging from bricks to timber to stone and more! We also provide versatile textures of all shapes, colors, and sizes. This way, you have the freedom to choose the exact look you are going for. Sophisticated or rustic? Modern or old fashioned? We can help you turn your yard into an aesthetic masterpiece!

    Popular aesthetically pleasing retaining walls are often made of stone, timber, brick, or limestone. We can even use your retaining wall to add other eye-catching features to your yard. For example, retaining walls can be used to create ponds, such as koi ponds, or even a small waterfall. The walls can also be used to create terraces, allowing you space to make a beautiful garden or giving you more room for gorgeous plants. You can also make the retaining walls into garden themselves by using their tops. People who choose this option often choose the timber option to match their landscaping. Flowers and shrubs can also be planted along the walls to add visual appeal. For those who opt for the stone walls, pillars can be created to give your yard a sophisticated quality and stylish flair.

    Retaining Walls Give Structural Support

    However, retaining walls are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provide structural support. They were originally invented to support large masses of soil as they resist its pressure, especially when there is a slope in the ground. There are four basic types of retaining walls that stabilize soil. The first one is the gravity wall, which holds in the soil using its weight. Another type is the piling wall. It uses poles to go deep into the soil as well as above it to hold it in. Cantilever walls are also similar to piling walls. They also into the ground, however, they are in the shape of an “L,” with the short end extending into the soil to increase its strength in stabilizing pressure. The last type of retaining wall is the anchored kind, also known as the strongest one. It has anchors driven deep into the soil to provide powerful stabilization.

    Stone Walls Prevent Soil Erosion

    Another helpful aspect of retaining walls is that they prevent erosion, an unfortunate aspect of most landscapes. Erosion typically takes place because of wind or water, and can cause sinkholes or wash away nutrients and fertilizers necessary for plants. Since the walls hold the soil in place, it is less likely to erode. It can also reduce soil runoff, therefore, decreasing the loss of soil that typically takes place. With less erosion, your yard will be safer and have less runoff.
    Without a retaining wall, soil erosion can cause your yard’s land to disappear. Soil erosion eats at the ground’s top layer, which is also known as the fertile later. Without this layer, your crops and plants will eventually die as well. The soil erosion can also pollute water systems and serve as a threat to fish and other aquatic animals. It leads to a loss of biodiversity and alteration of ecosystems. It can also pollute the air you breathe with toxic and harmful particles. Clearly, soil erosion is not environmentally friendly. Even worse, the erosion can lead to flooding.

    A Retaining Wall Can Lessen Flooding

    Retaining walls also lessen the speed of water traveling over the soil’s surface. You can also get specific pipes or drains installed into the walls to control flooding. This will take care of the water pressure and improve drainage by creating your yard its very own drainage system. This means it can help manage stormwater, which can ruin soil, especially when it is sloped. Another important advantage is that the walls will prevent runoff into your street or parking lot! In addition, it will reduce a buildup of mud in the beautiful yard you have worked so hard to maintain. The mud can destroy not only your plants, but also your shoes!
    Without the retaining wall, flooding can seep into your home or basement to damage its foundation. Just like soil erosion, it can also harm the surrounding ecosystems and disrupt your yard’s natural biodiversity. The floodwater needs retaining walls to direct it in the right direction and away from your yard! It can channel the water away from your home or property in the most efficient way possible. Landscape Concepts Inc. can make the retaining wall as tall as you would like to prevent flash flooding.

    Increase Your Yard Space

    Another reason to add retaining walls to your yard is to increase the useable space of a yard, especially ones that have hills. The walls can flatten out the land to create more space you can use for other aspects. For example, the tops of retaining walls can be used for as raised flower beds or even vegetable beds. More space also means having easier access to your yard, which will give it an overall cleaner and safer look.
    Aside from all the pros that retaining walls provide, Landscape Concepts Inc. can do it best just for you! We provide quality work and always take our time to make sure we capture our customers’ complete visions in the best way possible. We are also extremely dependable and work efficiently in a very timely manner. In addition, our special offers and sales are unbeatable! Get your retaining wall today!

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