Retaining Walls

Patio pavers

Celtik Wall Collection

More than a wall — it’s a work of art.

Rough-hewn textures and natural hues give this collection a time-honed appearance reminiscent of classic European gardens. Celtik Wall’s ancient look is complemented by modern manufacturing, which yields precise dimensional consistency by offering the perfect companion to your paver design, landscape contours and garden borders.

Retaining wall with stone walkway inside

Country Manor Collection
Old world charm

The rustic hand-laid look of Old English estate walls is deftly captured in the Country Manor wall collection. With a remarkably broad range of shapes and colors, it’s the ideal choice for freestanding landscape walls, columns and moderate height reinforced retaining walls. Country Manor employs patented pin technology, providing extra strength with an ease of installation that’s second-to-none.

Stone wall and plants

Century Wall Collection
Old world charm rises to new heights

Century Wall offers the distinctive appearance and character of random-pattern, vintage natural stone wall with the structural integrity and performance of modern materials. Random and rugged, yet blended with color and character, these high-strength concrete modules evoke Old World charm while employing the latest built-in technology with the Keystone pin-assured connection.

Circular stone patio and retaining wall

Belair Wall Collection
Classic stone look

Belair Wall is the ideal solution for wall projects that demand pleasing aesthetics in a hand-cut stone look. Varying block heights and widths combined with rich, blended colors offer an attractive alternative to traditional retaining wall blocks. Free-standing walls can add seating, surround a patio or outline a courtyard. Varying block sizes provide a random look whether used alone or to complement retaining walls.

Tall retaining wall

Keystone Collection
Standard & Compact units
Straight faced / pin system

Keystone’s straight face is ideal for those residential and commercial projects requiring a more contemporary look. Like curved face, it is a pin system that serves to further enhance the integrity of high wall applications.

Stone walkway

Celtik Curb Stone
Available in three popular lengths

Available in five popular color blends, Belgard’s versatile curb stone can add the perfect finishing touch to any driveway, walkway or garden feature.

Paver patio and stone wall

Victorian Collection
Victorian wall stone / pin system

Victorian Wall features a clean contemporary look accentuated by a well-defined chamfer across the top of each unit.

Stone wall

Celtik Pier Kit

A perfect addition to Belgard’s Celtik Wall Collection, the Celtik Pier Kit will add dimension and versatility to any project.

Note: Only available in 90 mm size.

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