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Your home is much more than what is indoors. Extending the ambiance you work so hard to create beyond the backdoor is simple with pavers. Pavers open up your outdoor possibilities. And with their endless colors, plethora of designs, and myriad materials, pavers can be used to suit any need and any budget.

Looking to extend your outdoor living space further into your backyard? A paver patio can do the trick. Or how about something to surround your pool area and make it safer? Slip-resistant pavers along the perimeter is what you need. Or maybe you’re looking for something new for your driveway or maybe even a pathway to your front door? Pavers are up to the task.

So whatever your need is, pavers have the versatility you require. With their variety, affordability, low maintenance and safety benefits, you’ll experience the outdoors differently with pavers. Give us a call to learn more about what our pavers can do for you.

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    Scott and Kayla care up with an awesome plan to beautify our yard and channel water away from the house with a porch patio that will last forever. Very pleased!
    Kenny M.


    The Wild World of Pavers

    With different shapes, colors, patterns, sizes and materials, you can almost be overwhelmed by the grand selection of pavers.We use a rswide range of paver types, so you know you’ll have the right kind for your project.

    We can use concrete or brick pavers, common choices for backyard patios. Or if you’re looking for something by the poolside, flagstone pavers often fit in nicely. Slate and stamped concrete are great options for walkways and driveways.

    Our experts will consult closely with you on your paver project, helping you to decide on the perfect paver for your project.

    Pavers That Can Fit Any Budget

    On a tight budget but still want that patio, walkway or driveway made out of pavers? Well you’re in luck! Pavers not only come in a variety of types and sizes but also in varying price ranges.

    From economical to extravagant and everything in between, we are sure to have access to the pavers that not only fit your look and style but also your bank account. Don’t pass up the chance to get pavers. Find the ones that best suit you.


    Pavers Are Your Low-Maintenance Solution

    You already have enough on your plate. You may be thinking, “Why would I add to my work with pavers?” This is far from the truth, in fact, pavers will probably take maintenance work off your plate.

    Pavers are easy to maintain and a breeze to keep clean, saving you both time and money. No need to use any harmful chemicals, harsh manual labor or buy/rent any tools to keep your pavers looking good. With a simple hosing down and a sweep every now and then, your pavers will stay looking fantastic.

    Worried about any cracks to your pavers? Don’t! You won’t be faced with a large construction projects if you see a rare break in your paver patio or walkway. Replacing a broken paver is a simple process that you can handle in about a half-hour.

    Call us and find out how easy pavers can really be.

    The Safety Benefits of Pavers

    On a tight budget but still want that patio, walkway or driveway made out of pavers? Well you’re in luck! Pavers not only come in a variety of types and sizes but also in varying price ranges.

    From economical to extravagant and everything in between, we are sure to have access to the pavers that not only fit your look and style but also your bank account. Don’t pass up the chance to get pavers. Find the ones that best suit you.


    The Many Types of Pavers

    There are many options when it comes to paver designs. You can use them to transform your yard however you’d like. Your dream home can become a reality. However, you have many options to choose from, and it can be hard to know which is the right fit for you.

    You need to be informed on what is affordable, what is the best product for the job and what would fit your landscape best. With pavers, the choices are endless. There are many options of pavers and the best choice isn’t always clear.

    Don’t worry, we have you covered. Whether you are looking for a new patio, a walkway or something around the pool, our experts have the knowledge and experience to make your project look great.

    Perfect Pavers for Your Patio

    Stone pavers are an excellent choice for any patio. Have your backyard accented with rugged stone pavers that can match any outdoor style. Stone pavers come in different sizes, shapes and colors while still keeping a stunning look. Flagstone pavers in particular can bring a unique character to your patio.

    backyards with pavers

    Pool Pavers For Your Backyard

    Your pool is important to you. It’s the centerpiece of your backyard and a focal point of your parties and get-togethers at your home. You can’t have grass surround the perimeter. You have to make it look nice and presentable to family and friends. Why not add pavers?

    Pavers are not only slip resistant but also come in a wide range of types and styles for you to choose from. And if you are overwhelmed on how many choices there are, don’t worry. We have the perfect type of paver to suit any pool.

    Concrete pavers are an excellent addition to add around the pool. Concrete pavers are a strong material that comes in many different styles. So don’t worry about how your pavers will match your yard and pool. Concrete pavers have you covered. Keep your pool safe while your backyard looks great with concrete pavers.

    We Only Use the Best Pavers

    Your outdoor projects are more than just simple modifications or weekend larks. They bring life to your home and ease to your lifestyle. You put in a lot of effort to have your yards looking perfect. You take landscaping seriously, and so do we.

    That is why we only work with Techo-Bloc and Belgard pavers to ensure that when you want the best, you’ll get the best. Techo-Bloc designs and produces pavers that are functional, durable and beautiful. Belgard spends nearly 20,000 hours each year researching and developing the latest and greatest trends in pavers.

    Best of all, we are a Belgard certified installer and have passed the Techo-Bloc program. So not only will you be getting the best product on the market, but certified installers too. Don’t wait. See how the best pavers around can improve your landscape.

    How Techo-Bloc Pavers Can Transform Your Home

    Our clients demand the best pavers, and they get them. When working with us, you will not only get high-quality Techo-Bloc pavers but certified installers as well.

    Since 1989, Techo-Bloc has committed to creativity and excellence when developing their pavers. Made up of a crew of mainly designers, Techo-Bloc has constantly adapted to the ever-changing trends of landscape design. So you know you’ll be getting a beautifully crafted piece that will last for years to come.

    And with us being a certified installer of Techo-Bloc pavers, you can be assured that we will get the job done and done correctly. Trust us to install pavers for your next patio project, walkway expansion, driveway renewal, or pool perimeter. Whatever the paver project is, just know you will get the best from Techo-Bloc.


    Change Your Backyard with Belgard Pavers

    Your yard is filled with cherished memories, whether it be from pool parties,summer BBQs, planting and gardening, and so much more. Your outdoor space is personal to you. It’s a part of your lifestyle and should be maintained with care and love.

    We understand that completely, which is why when you are looking to have a paver project, we will only serve the best pavers that Belgard has to offer. Belgard had their start in 1995, striving to provide household lawns with both beauty and protection. Their pavers are produced and designed with over 20,000 hours a year of research and development to ensure their products are to the highest standards and latest trends. Have your walkways, driveway, and patio looking beautiful with Belgard pavers.

    We are certified Belgard installers and are ready to take on any project you have. Know that you are getting the best product and highly-trained installers to have your home looking stellar.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between “Clay Pavers & Concrete Pavers”?
    Clay pavers are made with real clay that is mixed, extruded and baked in a kiln at very high temperatures, and concrete pavers are made with a special blend of concrete and coloring that is compacted at very high pressures in a special machine.
    Which type of paver is better?
    There is very little difference between pavers in general. The important difference is the maker of the pavers. Paving materials can vary from one manufacturer to next. The qualities that make a paver perfect are its compressive strength, water absorption rate, and abrasion index.
    What happens if I have to do a repair job below the paving? Does it leave an unsightly patch mark?
    No, that is one of the long-term benefits to installing flexible paving. Because all interlocking paving is flexible, it can also resist cracking.
    Can you do any other types of specialty masonry?
    Yes, our tradesmen are fully trained masonry professionals. We specialize in matching almost any material and seamlessly installing it so that the repair is undetectable in most cases.
    What does “Interlocking Paving” mean?
    Interlocking paving is a misleading term. What actually constitutes interlocking is really a dynamic function containing three different components. They are “rotational interlock” (resistance to tipping), “horizontal interlock” (resistance to spreading), and “vertical interlock” (resistance to sinking). So, that means for lasting quality you need good containment, good sub-base and proper paver thickness. Thicker pavers for driveways thinner pavers for patios.
    After you’re done paving the work surfaces, should I seal it?
    Yes, it protects it from leaky cars that might leave oil stains, and it stays cleaner for much longer if you seal it right away before it has a chance to get stained. Remember when it’s sealed, it only takes a hose to clean it off. We use breathable type sealers that protect against just about anything.
    What can be done to restore ugly faded old concrete?
    In most situations, faded concrete can be renewed by recoloring it using various tints & stains.

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