Landscape Lights

Landscape Concepts Inc can design and install all of your landscape lighting. We will create a magical look and feel to your outdoor areas with the addition of landscape lights. There are many benefits involved in featuring landscape lights. Not only do they enhance the atmosphere and presentation of your property but landscape lighting also increases the security of your residential or commercial property. Those dark walkways and pathways can be lightened up so that visitors can see where they are going. Outdoor lighting will deter trespassers. You really can’t lose when it comes to landscape lights.

As night approaches, your landscapes will come to life and be the envy of the entire neighborhood. There are many places where landscape lights can be features including pool areas, driveways, patios, courtyards, gardens and water features. We at Landscape Concepts Inc will advise you on the best placement and type of lighting that should be used for various effects and applications. Every property is different, so we will custom design a lighting scheme especially for your site! Our team of landscape designers and contractors are on hand and ready for any of your landscape lighting queries.

Landscape lighting at night

There is a wide range of landscape lights available on the market today, and this means that the design options are endless. There are a variety of shapes, sizes and designs from more basic to more elaborate lights; it all depends on the effect you want the lighting to have on your property. You can really create some great focal points with the use of landscape lights such as post lights, lanterns, statues, figurines and colonial styled lights. Enhance your landscapes with a decorative feature like outdoor lighting and watch your landscapes illuminate as dusk begins to fall.

We at Landscape Concepts can also advise you on the right type of lighting for each particular area you had in mind. There are a few different types of lighting that are more suitable for certain areas than others. There is low-voltage lighting, LED lighting, electrical or battery charged and solar lighting. Our team of professionals can point you in the right direction so that you will get the best effect from your new landscape lighting features.

Landscape Lighting

We will work with you and within your budget to make your landscapes come to life at night!