Fountains, Ponds, & Waterfalls

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The landscaping is an important element when considering the overall presentation of any residential or commercial property. Adding an outdoor water feature will transform the entire look and feel of your landscape setting. We at Landscape Concepts, Inc., can create that beautiful outdoor oasis enriched with charm and tranquility. Our team of experienced landscape designers and contractors can install the water feature of your dreams. Entice all the senses with the addition of a water feature whether it is a waterfall, a pond or a fountain. The sound of trickling water will create a relaxed atmosphere for your landscaped areas as well as increasing the aesthetic appeal.

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    Landscape Concepts, Inc., has many years of experience in designing and installing custom water features. We will work with you and within any budget to build the perfect water features for your property. There are many things to consider when adding a water feature such as the type of material to use. There are many popular materials on the market today and they range in price. You may choose to use natural stone boulders and rocks, or cheaper faux stone and concrete blocks. These may be cheaper products, but they are easy to install and are very durable. Another important factor is positioning the feature and ensuring that it fits well with the current composition of your landscaped areas and gardens. We will assist you from start to finish of your water feature project!
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    An Exceptional Range of Water Features


    Indoor water features are another ideal addition that creates visual beauty and a relaxed atmosphere. We at Landscape Concepts, Inc., have an exceptional range of indoor and outdoor water features with many beautiful styles and designs to choose from to suit individual tastes. For residential, community and commercial spaces, water features can be installed in any indoor space including verandas, balconies, offices, small gardens and just about any area you desire. For indoor purposes, there are also no limitations on space available or size, that is why you should consult with our professional sales team, and they will recommend the best water feature for your space!

    Some of Our Water Features Include:

    • Ponds
    • Waterfalls
    • Fish Ponds
    • Pondless Waterfalls
    • Fountains
    • Cascades
    • Bird Baths
    • Solar Powered Fountains
    • Streams
    • Wall Fountains
    • Pool Waterfalls
    • Water Gardens
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